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Project Funding

Project Development and Funding 

Our project development and funding scheme makes your dreams and innovative ideas become reality.

Our Model:

  • Build your project and Pay over a Period of 24 to 60 Months (2-5 years)
  • Pay only 20% to 30% Equity Contribution
  • Balance of 70% -80% spread over agreed timeline
  • Pay 3.5% Processing Fee
  • Move in upon completion and continue monthly or quarterly payment over 2 – 5 years
  • Project cost is exclusive of clearing, Omonile/Estate dues and Infrastructure.
  • 6% single digit Interest!


  • Individuals
  • Developers
  • Groups
  • Corporate Organizations

How it Works

  • You must have a piece of Land with good Title (C of O or Consent)
  • Make available copies of all required documents
  • Pay N50,000 Refundable Commitment Fee
  • The Parties agree on the Project Cost and timeline based on BOQ
  • Parties agree on Monthly or Quarterly payment spread over 2- 5 years
  • You pay 20% -30% of the project cost as your Equity contribution
  • Sign off on the Project with a full payment of 3.5% processing Fee
  • We move to site in 2 -3 weeks upon your meeting above requirements
  • 70%-80% balance is spread over agreed years while the project is ongoing
  • Repayment is at a single digit Interest Rate of 6%
  • We build to finished state, using your preferred design and Specification
  • You move in or Sell once Project is completed, and continue payments
  • Default in payment attracts a Fee of 15% on total outstanding amount


  1. BOQ
  2. Copy of C of O / Gov. Consent
  3. Building Approval
  4. Layout
  5. Survey Plan
  6. Receipt of payment for the Property
  7. Copy of Deed of Assignment
  8. Soil Test Report
  9. Proof of funds for Equity Contribution and subsequent payments

Project Models

Our development funding supports different types of construction projects:

  • Individual Residential Houses
  • Bulk units of Estate development
  • Malls and other commercial buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Filling Stations
  • Roads and Infrastructure within Estates
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Hotels

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