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Royal Gardens Estate.

Royal Gardens Estate is one of the most exclusive and well planned estates in the country. It’s located along the Lekki Express Way, Ajah, near Chevron and VGC, Lekki, Lagos. It has a Global C of O title.


Zahari Properties has the Mandate from the Land Owners within this prestigious Estate to Market and sell the Lands to the General Public.

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  • State of Art Infrastructure
  • Excellent Road Network
  • Lovely gardens / Lawns
  • Transformers on each Block
  • Street lights with Conduits
  • Well planned Plots
  • Dual carriage roads with Walkways
  • Treated water Supply
  • Security
  • Very Good Power Supply
  • Overall luxurious ambience

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Royal gardens Estate?

The Estate is along the Lekki express way near Thomas Estate, Ajah. Lekki, Lagos

Is the rate negotiable?

No, it is a fixed rate of 57k per SQM for a limited number of plots. After the sale at that price, the rate will change to 70k per SQM

Is there an instalment plan?

Yes, Payment can be made in instalment over a 90 days period (3 months)

What kind of documents do we get upon completion of payment?

A deed from the estate and receipt of payment

Is there any other payment made to the estate?

Yes, there is a 5m fee paid to the estate which covers the legal fees and transfer of title fees

Are there specific home types for different plot size?

Yes, there are different development types for different plot sizes as stated below:

  • 660sqm: single Family (Only 1 Unit Duplex on this land size)
  • 920sqm: 2 Families (single Home or 2 Units Semi- detached Duplex or Block of 2 units Terrace
  • 1,200sqm: 2 Families (Single Home or 2 Units Semi- Detached Duplex or Block of 2 Units Terrace on this land size)
  • 1,500sqm: 3 Families ( a single Home or 3 Units Block of Terrace on this land size)

Are commercial properties allowed within the premises?

No, only residential buildings allowed which must be 2 units or 3 units, depending on the plot size

Is there any encumbrance on the land?

No, only residential buildings allowed which must be 2 units or 3 units, depending on the plot size

What are the Estate Features?

The Features are stated below

  • State of art Infrastructure, including excellent Road Network, lovely gardens / lawns,
  • Transformers on each block
  • Walkways
  • Streetlights
  • Well planned Plots with dual carriage roads,
  • treated water
  • Security and overall luxurious ambience within the estate.

Is there a commitment fee?

Yes, a fee of 10% after which you get an approval to pay the balance

When will my plots be allocated to me?

Within 2 weeks

Are there any other fees?

Yes, there is an agency fee of 5%

Are there any other development fee?

There is a 300k for maintenance/development

Are the plots for sale in a specific part of the estate?

No, we have plots of different sizes at different blocks within the estate

What is the highest level of building allowed?

10.2 meters i.e G+2. The ground floor, the first floor and the penthouse

What is Zahari Properties Connection?

Zahari Properties has the mandate to market and sell the plots on behalf of the owners.

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