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Zahari offers clients, professional, verified flat mates

Why spend millions a year when you can split the cost of the apartment with a roommate, and bring down the amount you spend on rent, leaving you with more money in your pocket to spend on actually living.

If you have a very hectic work schedule and already got a social life you might not want to come home to a silent and  empty  apartment. When you have roommates you’ve got people to share problems, news, recipes, cool hangouts and the latest movies with.  And, if you want some space, you still have  your own room to retreat to.

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  • Fill the Share Accommodation form (attach Self Photo and photos of the Apartment)
  • Our user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and very quick to understand.
  • Flat mate Agreement


Short Stay

Our Short stay option is Home away from Home.

Fill our Short Stay Form, and leave the rest to us. We’ll get you a luxury and convenient location.

And within your budget too!!

Form for Short Stay

  • Fill the Dates for short stay
  • Fill type of room: one room apartment, 2 rooms , duplex
  • Fill form for details like Location, number of days, budget
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